Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Get Rid of Facial Acne Scars

Acne scars on face can be very disturbing; it affects your face and other areas in your body. Acne is considered a medical condition needing professional treatment. If you were suffering from the condition, it would be wise to waste no time visiting your dermatologist right now for treatment.
Acne on the Face - Dermabrasion
If you are serious about getting rid of dark spots on the face, try dermabrasion. Note that this is entirely different from micro-dermabrasion (it acts to remove the top layers of the dead surface skin cells in human faces) dermabrasion is rather a crude method effective enough to remove further layers. Think of sandpaper rubbed on your sensitive face and you'll get the idea. Unfortunately, this is the idea, and yet it's very effective.
Your dermatologist first numbs your face before removing the external layers of the skin using a special "sanding" process. You may have to count in a couple of weeks first for your recovery time, where the skin will scab in between. Once these scabs fall off eventually, you can expect new skin to emerge complete with its fresh and youthful glow. Patients with much darker or lighter skin would benefit much from this procedure while others are better off with another alternative.
Facial Acne Scars - Laser Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing is another effective way to get rid of dark blemishes on face for good. It's new, and you may have to contemplate about the fact that the process still has to go through a good number of trials to check for its long-term effects. This rather expensive process utilizes laser (CO2 laser and YAG laser system) to eradicate acne scarring. It works similarly with the concept of dermabrasion by removing your damaged skin's top layers to make way for healthy and new skin. Recover time can be completed in weeks, and you can expect your doctor to suggest applying topical ointments to help in the recovery. There will be times when bandages will be called for when the effects of acne scars on face are getting significant.
Facial Acne - Chemical Peel
Another effective alternative on how to get rid of acne scars on face would be to perform chemical peels. This is one effective treatment for lighter acne scarring conditions. Different acid types will be applied on your skin's top layer for 15 minutes before removing them. This procedure should peel off those damaged top layers. Swelling and redness are common after procedures, and recovery time can take from a day to weeks depending of course on the quantity of acid applied.
Acne Scars on Face - Receive the Punch Technique
Think of this particular technique as the best solution for folks with deep-pitted acne scars on face. Just like typical hair transplant procedures, a patch of scarred skin will be "punched" and then removed. A skin graft will be taken (usually the skin from behind a certain ear) and will be placed on the affected area. After completion, the process can be augmented with either dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.
These are just some of the known and popular methods to deal with the acne problem. Make your choice now and get rid of those dark spots for good.